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11 July 2012

My sister is an artist. Her artwork is beautiful, wholesome, and truly delightful. Each piece tells a story, a story of adventure, joy, faithfulness, discovery, friendship, work, love, childhood, etc.

Last week, I had the great pleasure of setting up her online portfolio

And now you can easily enjoy a closer look at her illustrations and sketchbook!

It has been such a blessing to watch her cultivate this gift, and develop an amazing God-given talent… but the best part is how she seeks to honor the Lord through the work of her hands.

You can visit her online portfolio at!

5 June 2012

On a beautiful, warm evening last month I had the opportunity to photograph this dear family. As the sun set low in the sky, it filled the landscape with golden light.

It is precious to see these five together – they love each other very much and it’s contagious.

Family Portrait

Lil' Joe


Lil' Joe and his daddy

Lil' Joe and his mommy

Lil' Joe and his mommy


Mr. & Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs.

Family Portrait

(Thank you for letting me photograph your sweet family – I can hardly wait to see you all together again!)

24 May 2012

This is Juliet. You might remember her from this post over a year ago.


She is a very good little friend of ours who is teaching us sign language (she’s still learning to speak in full sentences). Just last evening she was so happy that I learned the sign for “flower”, as she pointed at a flower and signed the word. She even congratulated me by giving me a hug and pat on the back when I correctly guessed what she was signing.

There’s nothing like her little girl squeals. Especially when it comes to asking her if she likes strawberries.

Juliet in the Breeze

In the photo above, the breeze through the open window blew a small tuft of hair up. She, Breezy, and I had just been looking out the window to see what we could find.

“Praise the Lord!
Praise God in His sanctuary;
Praise Him in His mighty heavens!
Praise Him for His mighty deeds;
Praise Him according to His excellent greatness!”
—Psalm 150:1-2

3 July 2011

The Happy Couple

This is Will and Bethany Joy.

They were joined as husband and wife on June 25th. On that day was much joy, love, beauty, thanksgiving, and most importantly the love of Christ.

At their wedding they shared their first kiss. Their commitment to purity displayed the loveliness in keeping oneself pure until marriage for the one who the Lord has for you to marry.

The ceremony reflected the love of Christ, displayed the importance of serving one other, and was filled with the blessing of the parents as a new family was founded.

Make Yourself Comfortable

The sign welcoming the guests. There were three sections of chairs set up and in front of each section were quilts laid out on the ground for the children and a closer view.

The bride taking her father's arm

Joy taking the arm of her father as they approach her groom.


Prayer for their new life together.


My dear father was a groomsman in the wedding (he is farthest left in the group of men at right.)

Their First Kiss

Their FIRST kiss.

A Hug

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Smith, III. Happily wed.

A peek at photos to come...

Flower girls rejoicing with the bride and groom.

A ring and a kiss...

Although I was not an official photographer, Kristi was very kind to let me tag along and act as an unofficial second-shooter. It was delightful!

Only the Beginning

Only the beginning.


The stunningly beautiful bride, Mrs. Smith.



A Stroll

Just boarding the Dixie

After the wedding the guests and wedding party boarded the “Dixie”, a paddle boat from the 1920’s, while the bride and groom’s portraits were taken. There was great cheering when the newlyweds appeared and boarded the boat.

On the Dixie

The Shoes

The Cake

The icing flowers were made by the bride, the cake was made by her mother, and the log-stand was decorated by my sister, Breezy.

Bouquets and Cupcakes

The Dance

The bride and groom’s first dance was choreographed to “Lucky.” (But, of course, everyone would agree that they are blessed.)

Lavendar for Tossing

Instead of birdseed or bubbles, lavender was handed out to the guests to be tossed at Will & Bethany as they departed.

The Bride and Groom

Mr. & Mrs. Wm A. Smith, III.

Lavendar Send-Off


Balloons Released

Balloons were released…

Speedboat Exit

…and they “sailed” off on a speedboat.

We’re excited to see how the Lord will use this couple in the furtherance of His Kingdom!
(We love you, Will & Joy!)

[Find a few more pictures from the wedding here.]

2 July 2011

Will & Bethany Joy

At the rehearsal dinner. The next day Will would gain a wife and Joy would gain a husband before God and man, to glorify God and further the dominion mandate.

Wedding Rehearsal

The wedding rehearsal.

Will and My Dear Father

Will with my dear father. They first met two years ago when Will began working for the same company alongside Dad. Their friendship has only grown since then. Dad was honored to be asked to stand with Will as one of his groomsman and gladly accepted.

[More pictures from the wedding coming soon!]

29 December 2010

Before and After

With a new year, a change of life, and a charge of inspiration
comes a new design for Simply Vintagegirl!

Welcome, and feel free to browse around to see what you might find.

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10 November 2010

Muthering Heights

The latest blog design to emerge from my studio is for Jessica Heights at Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility.

Surrounding the header and main body of the blog is a unique frame featuring whimsical illustrations, all of which were either created or edited in Adobe Illustrator (the drawing behind the “M” and frame inside the header are by my dear sister).

The color scheme was created as the base for the blog’s palette before the design process had begun. And the more I’ve seen of these special colors together, the fonder I’ve become of them.

Overall, we strove to capture a Victorian style that appealed to modern taste. Make sure to visit Muthering Heights to take a closer look!

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28 October 2010

Daughters of His Story Paper Dolls: Collections Four, Five & Six

We are delighted to present our latest paper dolls from the Daughters of His Story series. We have had a wonderful time this summer working on the next three collections which feature Martha Washington and Eliza Lucas Pinckney, Mary Anna Jackson and Susannah Spurgeon, and Elizabeth Prentiss and Anne Bradstreet.

Daughters of His Story Paper Dolls

These ladies have become so dear to us as we studied their lives and legacies. We hope that they become as dear to to you, and that you are blessed by the Lord’s goodness radiating from their hearts. We want young ladies to grow up knowing that the Lord cherishes purity and holiness, and that He changes the world through those who are faithful to His Word.

Noble Rose Press is having a grand sale for the announcement
of the latest paper dolls! Click here to see the great prices and read a
little more about these godly women from history!

It is not only possible to remain unstained by the world, by the Lord’s strength, but it is imperative that we be proactive in glorifying God in our lives. These women from the past are shining examples of dedication to the Lord’s work as wives and mothers who changed the world.

5 August 2010

A Family Portrait: Natural

While Sarah Mae and her family were vacationing at our home, I had the opportunity to take portraits of their lovely family.



Sarah Mae

Jesse & Sarah Mae


Sarah Mae

The H Family