29 May 2010

Fabric Flowers

These elegant fabric flowers are very simple to make . . . and only take a few basic supplies. The finished product is delightfully lovely, and at times can look like a real flower! Every flower will turn out differently and that is part of the beauty!

If you haven’t used those tea lights in a while, now’s the time! I hope you enjoy making these as much as we do . . . below are instructions with pictures on how to make your own.

Fabric Flower Tutorial: Supplies


· Synthetic Silky Fabric
· Scissors
· Candle (preferably a tea light)

Additional supplies:

· Needle and Thread, Glue Dots or Glue Gun
· Buttons and/or Beads


Fabric Flower Tutorial: Step 1

1. Cut circle patterns out of card stock.

Make the largest one’s diameter about half an inch larger than you want the diameter of the flower, as the petals will end up shrinking a bit. Create a few of these, lessening the diameter bit by bit so that the end result has smaller petals in the center and larger ones around the outside. You can also use a pattern here, which works very nice!

Fabric Flower Tutorial: Step 2

2. Trace around the pattern onto the silk fabric (using a pen).

You can also cut around the pattern and skip the drawing part, it just might not be as uniform . . . but with these, uniform isn’t necessary. And if it’s not uniform, it adds character. And character is good.

Fabric Flower Tutorial: Step 3

3. Take the scissors and cut out the circle and petals.

Cut just inside the drawn lines to make a circle out of the fabric. Carefully cut only about a third of the way into the circles to create the petals. You can do as many or few petals as you would like, or even add some variety to them. I cut five times, making five medium-sized petals. You can also round the corners of the petals, if you so desire.

Fabric Flower Tutorial: Step 4

4. Use the lit candle to melt and crinkle the edges.

Be very careful (please have adult supervision, this is rather dangerous), as it is very easy to get burnt. Hold the cut petals about one to two inches above the flame, making sure to keep the circle rotating so that it does not overheat and catch fire. Continue to gently melt the edges of each petal until you have gone all the way around. Do this with each layer.

Fabric Flower Tutorial: Step 5

5. Sew (or glue) the petal layers together.

Using a needle and thread, create a beginning knot and then sew the layers together. You can come up through the top because the center  of the top layer can be covered by a button or  bead. To finish the flower, sew (or glue) the button or bead on top.

If you would like to add extra stability to the flower, you can sew or glue a piece of felt onto the back (make sure it is large enough to give good stability, but small enough so that it won’t be seen from the top).

For a hair accessory, you can sew or glue the back of the flower to the back of a bobby pin, ponytail holder, or snap-clip.

For a broach, you can sew or glue them onto a broach pin or even a safety pin.

And the list could go on of how these flowers can add extra beauty!
What are some of your ideas?

And remember: every flower will turn out differently and that is part of the beauty!

(Thank you, Breezy (my artist sister), for being such a wonderful hair and hand model!)

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  1. 314 Responses to “Tutorial: How to Make Lovely Fabric Flowers”

  2. Blair on May 29, 2010 said:

    What a great idea! I can’t wait to try this. :)

  3. Alison on May 29, 2010 said:

    Thank you for the flower tutorial! I can’t wait to make one.
    I have seen some that were just round, but I really like how it looks when you cut petals. Great idea!

  4. Kate on May 29, 2010 said:

    Those are absolutely gorgeous Emily!
    I can’t get over how real they look!
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Grace Marie on May 29, 2010 said:

    Such a wonderful idea!! And a great way to use up scraps. I’ve been relying on making crocheted flowers for my hair along with real flowers, but these are even better. Thank you!

  6. Emily~ on May 29, 2010 said:

    Absolutely Lovely:)
    Now I just need to get the right kind of material!


  7. Laryssa @ Heaven In The Home on May 29, 2010 said:

    So beautiful! I’ll have to try these.

  8. Miss. Antoinette on May 29, 2010 said:

    Oh, how sweet! I cannot wait to try to make some!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Love in Christ,

    Miss Antoinette

  9. Miss Jen on May 30, 2010 said:

    What a LOVELY tutorial, dearest Emily Rose! :)
    I hope to make some of these delights soon!!

    Love in Christ~ Miss Jen

  10. Hannah on May 30, 2010 said:

    Thanks for the lovely tutorial! These would make such sweet gifts. :-)

  11. Allison on May 30, 2010 said:

    What a lovely idea! I love them so much! Thank-you for the tutorial, I can’t wait to try it!


  12. Kellie on May 31, 2010 said:

    These are simply darling! The possiblities are endless – and they have so much character.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    In Him,

    ~Miss Kellie~

  13. Katelyn Berge on Jun 1, 2010 said:

    Yay! I think we have some synthetic silk somewhere in the sewing room.
    Thanks for posting!

  14. ElizabethK. on Jun 5, 2010 said:

    Hello, Emily Rose! This is sort of random and unrelated, but I wanted to show you something that you inspired me to do. :) I had a picnic for some dear friends this past week, and made some bunting to hang up, inspired by what you had for Breezy’s graduation party. It was beautiful! I posted about it on my sparse little blog, if you’d care to see. :)


  15. Victoria on Jun 11, 2010 said:

    I simply adore these flowers! I shared it on my FB page this morning and am linking to you in my blog :D

  16. Sarah P. on Jun 14, 2010 said:

    I keep stumbling across this fantastic craft on many different sites. It must be fate! This is the next thing I do. I’m planning headbands and hair pins galore! :)

  17. Sara Rose on Jun 17, 2010 said:

    These are absolutely beautiful! My mom and I have made a few and can’t wait to make many more. Is there any way that you can make them look like they have stems? Maybe so we can put them in a vase?

    Thank you so much for posting this!

  18. marie on Jun 19, 2010 said:

    These are darling! Thanks for the tutorial!!

  19. Qamar Soomro on Jun 20, 2010 said:

    Hi, I’m very pleased see this page and the way you have shown the method of making the rose. It appears that you have done this so beautifully that it can not be easily detected as unreal. Here I would like to tell you a tale. The king Soloman invited Queen of Sheeba when she arrive at the palace gate she found bunches of roses. King Soloman asked her to find the real roses. Incidentally a honey bee came and hover over a bunch of roses. Queen was very wise and told King Soloman pointing to that bunch of roses, these were the real roses. Please accept my complements for such artistic work.
    Qamar Soomro.

  20. Trail's Crafts on Jun 21, 2010 said:

    Great tutorial! I have to try this.

  21. Dani on Jun 21, 2010 said:

    this is great! i have everything to make this except for the fabric. do you have any suggestions about what kind i should get exactly? thanks in advanced!!

  22. hair clips on Jun 22, 2010 said:

    That’s absolutely gorgeous. I simply adore the flower ! The tutorial is perfect, thanks for sharing. You are so talented, keep it up!

  23. Elizabeth on Jun 24, 2010 said:

    I am so excited to try this out. What a wonderful idea to melt the edges! It makes them so realistic.

    Thank you!

  24. carreen on Jun 25, 2010 said:

    Oh, how fun! I’ve been looking for some really pretty silk flowers, but I haven’t seen any in nice colors or that look at all realistic. I’m excited to try these out!

  25. Melissa M. on Jun 25, 2010 said:

    I love that! I’ll have to try it out. Thanks for sharing!

  26. carreen on Jun 27, 2010 said:

    I just thought I’d stop by again to say that I discovered a stash of vintage silk fabric scraps that a friend’s mother used to make her husband ties out of. The fabric is much heavier than the fabric you used, so the flowers turned out more flat but still crinkly, with the loveliest color on the edges. They are less playful but quite elegant, so I’m happy! I’ve been going a bit crazy, making up a bunch of flowers in different sizes and colors. Thanks again for a deliciously fun project!

  27. Leah v on Jun 29, 2010 said:

    i love this! im making my bouquet for my wedding and everyone else’s flowers too so i am definitely wanting to make some of these=)

  28. Linda Stubbs Prairie Flower Farm on Jul 1, 2010 said:

    Emily Rose, these are absolutely adorable. I would love to try this out myself. If I do make them up and into something, do I have your permission to post them and refer them to your blog? I will not do anything, unless I have your okay. Lovely!

    Blessings to your day!

  29. Emily Rose on Jul 1, 2010 said:

    Linda, you most certainly have permission to create some of your own and post about them on your blog. Link-backs are always happy occurrences! Blessings, Emily Rose

  30. Sarah Kopp on Jul 2, 2010 said:

    Thank you for posting such a clear tutorial for this lovely craft. I’ll be trying this with my daughters!

  31. Peggy Moon on Jul 8, 2010 said:

    Lovely idea…I immediately thought they will be excellent for dimensional quilting. Thanks for sharing.

  32. jayne on Jul 16, 2010 said:

    you have no idea how many boxes of scented, coloured, infused tealights i have bought, only to get home and remember that i haven’t used the last box!
    also, i made my formal dress and have about 2 1/2 metres of synthetic silk in a box under my dresser.
    definitely giving this a go!! excellent!

  33. Adriana on Jul 21, 2010 said:

    Absolutely Gorgeous!!! Thank you very very much!!!!! I have dozens of birthday presents to give and you saved my life and pocket!!

  34. Jennifer on Jul 22, 2010 said:

    I love this idea, I am in a wedding in a few days and these would be great for the bridesmaids, thank you so much for this idea!

  35. Wanda on Jul 28, 2010 said:

    I made several of these in various colors with pins on the back for a bridal shower as prizes for guests. They came out beautifully and I wanted to thank you for your tutorial and generosity.
    These flowers are fast and fun to make.

  36. Hope on Aug 8, 2010 said:

    I love these! I’m so excited about trying it out myself, and if all goes well… I’ll be making small versions of these to place at the top of my wedding invitations. I think it will be the unique touch that I want! I’m so glad my aunt told me to check out your blog :)

  37. Lynette on Aug 22, 2010 said:

    Adore this! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Blessings!

  38. Jennifer F on Aug 22, 2010 said:

    That is truly a great idea to use the tea light to melt edge the silky flowers – brilliant idea must try it soon.

  39. Deidra on Aug 22, 2010 said:

    These are great! I’ve been making plain old circles over and over again using the same technique. Thanks!

  40. Heather G on Aug 22, 2010 said:

    So much more realistic than what I’ve seen. Variegated or dark and light fabrics would look pretty too. Thanks for sharing!

  41. Candy on Aug 23, 2010 said:

    These are just lovely. I’m trying to collect (and hopefully make) many of the different types of fabric flowers out there and these have just moved to the top of my list. Thanks!

  42. IRENE on Aug 23, 2010 said:


  43. Shannon on Aug 23, 2010 said:

    How wonderful! I saw this tutorial this morning and I’ve already whipped up a few as gifts, and just for myself. They look gorgeous, and I’ve found making them to be almost addictive!

  44. Kirsten on Aug 24, 2010 said:

    Awwww these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and will make gorgeous flowers for my pashminas! Thank you oh so very, very much for sharing. I look forward to your future blog posts. xo

  45. Flowers on Aug 31, 2010 said:

    Thank you oh so very, very much for sharing. I look forward to your future blog posts. xo

  46. Chanelle on Aug 31, 2010 said:

    I absolutely adore this! I’ve made them with just plain circles but the pedal shape totally adds a new dimension. I’m so excited to try it.

  47. Mari on Sep 2, 2010 said:

    these are so gorgeous! i just made one!
    instead of using a bead for the middle, i made a tiny circle with petals and scrunched it in the centre over the flame…so that it looks even more real!
    thanks so much for this tutorial!

  48. Emily @ Finding My Aloha on Sep 13, 2010 said:

    WOW! These are so beautiful! I just found your blog via StumbleUpon and I looooove it! I am your newest follower/subscriber!

  49. naomi on Sep 18, 2010 said:

    I tried them out today, and i am so very impressed and thankful for the instructions.Stay blessed.

  50. Kyla on Sep 21, 2010 said:

    Thank you so much for this! I just made this tonight with ivory organza, netting, and a vintage style brooch in the center. I spent about $7 to make the whole thing. It looks just all the ones I’ve been drooling over on etsy that are $90 plus. This saved me so much money on my budget wedding and is a detail I will always love and cherish.
    Thanks again!!

  51. lisa brannon on Sep 28, 2010 said:

    What a blessing this tutorial is! Thank you for posting it!!

  52. CBx4 on Sep 28, 2010 said:

    I have seen several tutes on this but never with just cutting little slits in the fabric. What a difference!! I love the way they turned out!
    My daughter has her school pictures tomorrow morning and just asked me to make something pretty for her hair. I made a flower in a matter of minutes, hot-glued a rhinestone in the middle and a clip on the back and PERFECT!
    I love it, she loves it, THANK YOU!

  53. Maria Machado on Sep 29, 2010 said:

    What a LOVELY tutorial, dearest Emily Rose! :)
    I hope to make some of these delights soon!!

    Love in Christ~

  54. Kelly Mc on Sep 30, 2010 said:

    what type of fabric should i use? i am not the best with fabric types and i would really love a type or name. THANK you in advance!!!


  55. purplebird on Oct 6, 2010 said:

    Thank you- ~It took me about 10 mins to make one of theses and i am going to use it to glue onto a hat I am making for a show!

  56. Ashton on Oct 10, 2010 said:

    Beautiful! I’m making them for my wedding bouquet! Thank you so much!

  57. BethAnn on Oct 11, 2010 said:

    I have seen many posts asking the type of fabric used. I am craft challenged, but have found that I love to make flower clips for my daughter’s hair. I have started to sell them to pay for her adoption and would love to include these as well. So when I go to the fabric store, what do I ask for….remember..craft challenged :o)

  58. Miah Faith on Oct 13, 2010 said:

    Hello,Emily. Your silk roses are beautiful. I was on Amandabeth’s blog when I found yours, and I love it! I haven’t made had craft project in a while because I lacked ideas,but this will definetly get me out of my rut. I’m making some as soon as I can get the supplies. Thank you!

  59. Heather Speck on Oct 14, 2010 said:

    This is so easy and inexpensive! I am making a set of 6 for each of my nieces! I went to a thrift shop and found several blouses in a variety of colors! Much cheaper than going to a fabric store. I also used fancy button matching my nieces personality. The best ones are the ones I made for myself :-)

  60. Cecília Bezerra on Oct 20, 2010 said:

    Hello, i’m from Brazil and Thank u for this tutorial! Now it’s easy to try.

  61. Linda B on Oct 27, 2010 said:

    I used this to make several flowers for my daughter’s homecomeing dress I made–they turned out fantastic! And it was fun to do. Tulle melts really easily, but it looks good in between the layers of the other synthetic fabric. Thanks for the great pics to follow in making the flower.

  62. Sharon clark on Oct 28, 2010 said:

    Thanks so much for sharing this project. I have. Just started making fabric flowers and found these ones absolutely beautiful. Sharon. Hobart. Tasmania. Australia.

  63. Pamela on Oct 28, 2010 said:

    I was really frustrated working on my son’s halloween costume. So I took a 2 minute break (literally) and made one of your flowers from the scarps of his pirate pants. I am amazed how well it turned out. Shocked really. I will be back for more inspiration!!! Thank you and keep up the good work.

  64. Beverley on Oct 29, 2010 said:

    hello….i’m going to try them right now!!!.i have been looking on the net for days to get a decent rose…i have been making ribbon roses which are nice but i want a more realistic rose….thanks heaps…i will get back to you.Beverley

  65. Celeste on Oct 30, 2010 said:

    Love this! Gotta go to the fabric store now!

  66. Mari Harpham on Oct 30, 2010 said:

    Your flowers are lovely and you make it seem so easy. Thank you for sharing this great idea.

  67. Diane Lovell on Nov 4, 2010 said:

    Thank you! I made some flowers just the other day and they turned out so well.

  68. Samantha on Nov 10, 2010 said:

    I love fabric flowers, I bought supplies off of SweetSweetCircles on Etsy; they’re just pre-cut circles but it saved me so much time (and money) because I didn’t have to out and do the grunt work myself. I ended up making matching shoe and hair clips for my bridesmaids and they LOVED them!!

  69. Absolutely Small on Nov 11, 2010 said:

    These are so gorgeous! Your tutorial is so easy to follow, too. Thanks for posting this!

  70. Natalie on Nov 13, 2010 said:

    That is one of the most beautiful flower i ever saw,great job,loooooooooove it XXXX

  71. Anastasia on Nov 20, 2010 said:

    Thank you for your love for God and His creation. I now have a lovely flower thanks to you.

    In Christ,

  72. Julie Anne on Nov 20, 2010 said:

    That is Gorgeous! I’m bookmarking this one for sure. What a great way to use up scraps of silky fabric. They’re going on all my Christmas packages this year…Thanks so much for the tutorial.

  73. Lacy on Nov 22, 2010 said:

    What type of fabric are you using? I tried with real silk and it didn’t turn out! Help I really want to make these for my wedding invitations!

  74. Emily Rose on Nov 22, 2010 said:

    Lacy, I’m not sure what the official title is for the fabric that I used. I know it was at the fabric store in the section where the bridesmaid dress fabrics are. If you went to a fabric store and asked for synthetic silk, they should be able to point you in the right direction (and there should be a wide selection of colors). If I do find out the real name of the fabric, I’ll be sure to update my post with tutorial!
    I hope this helps and you are able to get the right fabric in time!
    Blessings, Emily Rose

  75. Lynde on Nov 23, 2010 said:

    I just made one to test it out and I love it! I’ve been looking for a fabric flower that was easy and realistic (and washable) for a fairy costume I’m making and these are going to be perfect!

    Lacy, look at the fiber content. If it’s polyester it will work because it’s basically plastic and will melt. Natural fibers like real silk and cotton will just burn.

  76. JL on Nov 29, 2010 said:

    thank you , I have looked so often to find how to make pretty fabric flowers, these are the nices ones I have found

  77. Sharon on Dec 2, 2010 said:

    Emily Rose, I was searching for a tutorial on fabric flowers and just happened to come across your blog. Absolutely divine. Love this tutorial too! I will definitely be making these in red for the holidays : )


  78. Cathy Ohler on Dec 2, 2010 said:

    Emily Rose, this flower turned out just beautifully! I tried it immediately and wow what an absolutely lovely flower, totally real looking. Your tutorial is over the moon. Love it!
    Thanks and may God Bless you always.

  79. modern furniture ideas on Dec 3, 2010 said:

    wonderful Emily!
    i love your idea, the synthetic silk fabric is easy to find yet so beautiful when it done. gorgeous! But it’s need practice to burn it in shape, i’ve got my flower asymmetric haha need a lot of practice, and i should have it perfect before Christmas :p

  80. Charlotte on Dec 4, 2010 said:

    Hi! I like your idea of making fabric flowers! :) They look so cool. I’m going to try make my own. Your tutorial is so nice. Thank you for it :)

  81. Rob on Dec 6, 2010 said:

    These are so gorgeous, the most realistic flower tutorial I have seen. Thanks so much, I will buy some suitable fabric and give them a try…..I am also saving this site.

  82. kelly on Dec 6, 2010 said:

    so cute! i think i’m going to make some for christmas presents!!! :)

  83. BelovedAimee on Dec 10, 2010 said:

    I stumbled across this a few weeks ago and thought what a perfect little craft to make my girls hair things for Christmas. I have made several flowers so far in various sizes. I’ve sewn them together with buttons and will put them on hair pins and headbands. Thanks for this fabulous and EASY idea!!

  84. Nicolette on Dec 10, 2010 said:

    I went to the fabric store and asked for synthetic silk fabric and the girls there didn’t seem to know what I was talking about, haha! So I got a white polyester fabric just to try it out. It didn’t turn out as perfect as yours :( I should probably practice more. It may also be the fabric I got.

    I love the flowers you made here and hopefully mine will turn out like yours eventually! I’m going to put them on pillows :)

  85. Becky on Dec 21, 2010 said:

    I LOVE these! I just made one with scrap material and it’s gorgeous. I love how real they look and I can’t wait to make a lot more in different colors and sizes! Thanks for the simple and beautiful idea!

  86. Deepa on Dec 23, 2010 said:

    This so beautiful,your tutorial is so well explained in simple steps,thq.I tried making few myself using different fabrics though since I couldnt get synthetic silk.It came out beautiful.I have just one question to you though please…how do you make the petals curl??My flowers came out beautiful but doesnot curl…they lie flat.What do you think could be the reason??thank you so very much.

  87. Fran McGee on Dec 26, 2010 said:

    I am so excited to try this tutorial. I have a bunch of fabric samples that will be perfect for this! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  88. Ari. (aka.caitydid) on Dec 31, 2010 said:

    This is just TOO cute! I’ll have to try it then use it at my upcoming wedding! :) Thanks!

  89. Kate Mithoefer on Jan 7, 2011 said:

    yum! these are beautiful! Can’t wait to turn sew one to a headband or clip! I’d love to make some in seafoam, creme’, and rose!

  90. Rachel Hunt on Jan 8, 2011 said:

    I tried this today with some fabric I had on hand and it turned out lovely. I added about five pieces increasingly larger than the largest one on the pattern and used a decorative pearl for the center. It matches one of my mothers outfits beautifully! Thank you SO much for sharing this delightful gift project. I’d like to link to it on my blog if you don’t mind.

    Also, I recently ordered one of your coloring books and am so thankful to have found something so wholesome to affect children’s minds while they are coloring (or mine)!

  91. Darla Hemiller on Jan 9, 2011 said:

    I can’t wait to make these. Thanks for sharing.

  92. Deb Green on Jan 10, 2011 said:

    I am planning on making these for my twin granddaughters for Valentines Day. I am going to put velcro on the back of the flowers and on the headbands, so that the flowers can be inter-changed. I have found that some fabrics cannot be used for this craft, because the edges burn too quickly. Thank you for this tutorial – blessings from MT

  93. colorsilk30 on Jan 16, 2011 said:

    I absolutely LOVE this! i have been looking for a creative fabric flower tutorial, and this one is it. I am going to use it to make some headbands, and possibly for a purse, depending on my mood. I love it thanks so so so much!

  94. Donna Smith on Jan 20, 2011 said:

    Thank You! I am just starting to make hats and seeing how to make flowers has blessed me. Sometimes a hat just needs a little something to finish and your flowers are it.

  95. Victoria Williams on Jan 20, 2011 said:

    I love this flower tutorial! I love sewing and crafting, so this will be great to add to my dresses I make…. I also read your blog post about “i died last month” I am so glad the Lord found you in your weakness. I am continually reminded everyday that I need to die..of course I can’t do it on my own, but through friends and family…Then I get to receive his wonderful Gospel of forgiveness…!

  96. Pam Kirk on Jan 21, 2011 said:

    Really like these flowers. Saw them on a friends blog and it brought me to your blog. Amazing how that works.

  97. Deb Green on Jan 22, 2011 said:

    Bought headbands at the dollar store – put velcro on the back of the flowers and then on the headbands – quick change out for wearing the flowers! Blessings~

  98. jas on Jan 24, 2011 said:

    so pretty! I would love to bake one in different shades of blue and stick on a side bun or plait.

  99. Ann du Toit on Jan 25, 2011 said:

    How beautiful, can’t wait to start. Thank’s for sharing it with us.

  100. Stacey on Jan 25, 2011 said:

    Just bought some fabric today to make my little girl a dress. Was goggling for a great flower to make to go with it…..love this, it will be perfect! Hopefully I will have the whole look done soon, I am SOOO excited! Thank You!

  101. Sally May on Jan 26, 2011 said:

    Loved the great directions with pictures! And the beautiful results. Looked at other sites and yours is superior!!

  102. Louise on Jan 29, 2011 said:

    These are beautiful! I added the tutorial and a link back to my link love today. Thanks for sharing!

  103. laurie foster on Feb 4, 2011 said:

    I love your flowers. What a fabulous job! Can’t wait to try them out. I don’t have the right type of fabric so I’ll need to hit Joann’s tomorrow. LOL

  104. Adriana Ayala on Feb 9, 2011 said:

    I love this!!! Beautiful flowers!!!
    Thank you!!! Off to Joann’s! :-)

  105. v. Logan on Feb 10, 2011 said:

    Thanks for sharing!. This is great!! The more you give, the more you get!!!

    Need help making a large cabbage rose using cotten striped fabric. What do I do to get burned effect ?

  106. Janice on Feb 12, 2011 said:

    You did a beautiful job and the tutorial is great. How many layers do you usually use per flower? I have to admit, I can singe flowers when they are cut into circles, but when I cut petals into them, even the way you do it, they turn into big blobs. The petals curl downard to the underside of the fabric, or the petal gets a square corner, so I cut the petals round and still can’t do it. You have done a beautiful flower and a great tutorial and I thank you for providing your talent and sharing it for free. A lot of crafters do not do that.

  107. Emily Rose on Feb 12, 2011 said:

    Janice, thank you! I believe there were four layers for this particular flower. It may take several tries to get the flame to melt the petals the way you want it to. I have rounded the edges on some, too, and it can turn out lovely. It is my pleasure to be able to share these with others, and am glad to know that this tutorial has been helpful! Blessings, Emily Rose

  108. Tootie Clancy on Feb 22, 2011 said:

    I love making these for broaches…I am having my ladies in my Sunday School class to come over and we are going to make these beautiful flower broaches…..I wore mine to church Sunday…and all of them loved it….Thanks for all the instructions and photos….Tootie

  109. Kaci on Feb 23, 2011 said:

    Thanks for the tutorial, I’m using this technique to make the flowers for my wedding. I’ve linked to you in my blog post about it :)

  110. Lauren on Feb 24, 2011 said:

    Thanks for the gorgeous tutorial, I went and dug up some fabric and had to have a go right away!! Gorgeous and easy to follow – thanks for sharing :)

  111. Ann du Toit on Feb 26, 2011 said:

    Thank you, will be making some of your beautiful roses.as your instructions are easy to follow

  112. carrie on Feb 26, 2011 said:

    I love how you cut into the circles. I made similar flowers for my daughters wedding but left the circles in tact. They came out beautiful and added such a personal touch.

  113. Heather on Feb 27, 2011 said:

    Was sent by a Bead Souper today- Linda of Lukta and Co. Wonderful flowers and simple straightforward tutorial. Thanks- I want to try to make some of these. I am pretty sure I will use long tweezers or pliers to hold the petals while they melt though. I am dangerous with flames…

  114. Suyapa on Mar 3, 2011 said:

    Recien descubro los placeres de las manualidades y me encantan las flores!!! Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos con nosotros, declaro muchas bendiciones en tu vida. Desde Honduras, con cariño…

  115. Beverly on Mar 9, 2011 said:

    How beautiful and creative these flowers are!!!

  116. Kari on Mar 10, 2011 said:

    I have been looking for a tutorial for fabric flowers for days now! I want to use them as escort cards and favors! this is perfect i love it. thank you so much!

  117. Donna on Mar 12, 2011 said:

    Thank you so much for sharing! The flowers are just so elegant and realistic looking—I can’t wait to try making some for my daughter tops to dress them up. It is kills me that some of these designer stores charge $30 dollars or more for a tee shirt with a flower they stick on it. Thanks to you, I’m taking the matter into my own hands! LOL!!!!

  118. Laura @ Starting Out Fit on Mar 15, 2011 said:

    thank you so much for this tutorial! :)
    i actually just made a hair flower out of extra material that was taken off the length of my wedding dress — I will be wearing it on my wedding day! :)


  119. Yak Man on Mar 19, 2011 said:

    wow! So lovely! <3
    I've made a post about this!

  120. Julie on Mar 20, 2011 said:

    Thank you for this. I had spent a long time looking for a flower for my hair for a wedding. I wanted something a little but different but the ones i have seen in the shops are all the same and were of poor quality. I have just made one and its lovely and exactly what I was looking for. It was so easy and didnt take very long at all. I am definately going to be making more so once again thank you

  121. Nicolette Lazaga on Mar 22, 2011 said:

    Tres bien! These flowers are such a great idea and it’s perfect for spring!

  122. Adrian on Mar 22, 2011 said:

    I’ve been enjoying making these, although I never thought to cut the petals. Did you know that Stampin’ Up! sells a die that helps you cut four different sizes of circles in one pass? And you can cut about 8 layers of fabric at a time. Makes them a lot quicker and easier. If you have a local demo, ask her. If not, I sell them.

  123. Liz Burton on Mar 23, 2011 said:

    I love these!! So simple and so effective.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve shared on my blog with a link here.

    Also, just to let you know, the link to the templates sent my computer crazy with virus alerts :0(

    Thanks for a beautiful tutorial.

  124. Sue Horne on Mar 27, 2011 said:

    Thank you so much for posting this!! I’ve been trying to find instructions…seen these flowers on so many cute things for children and thanks to you I will be able to make some beautiful hairbows for my granddaughters just in time for Easter and Dance recital!!!! Love you to the moon and back!!!

  125. A Rancher's Wife on Apr 2, 2011 said:

    I want one in every color! Can’t wait to try it…I’m not super crafty but I think I can manage these! Thanks for posing.

  126. Jalissa on Apr 2, 2011 said:

    Try a peanut shape! It turns out like a peony or poppy! VERY PRETTY! I also tried some funky fabrics, like animal print- turned out very unique!

  127. Madeline on Apr 7, 2011 said:

    Thanks for the fabulous tutorial! I made a bunch of these today to give to some of my friends! The fabric that I bought from JoAnns was called “silky looks”,It looks to be the same texture and weight as yours.

  128. Julia on Apr 9, 2011 said:

    This is gorgeous! I just made one of my own and was surprised by how simple it was to make such a perfect little hair piece. I made a grey flower with a black and white polka dotted button in the middle :). Thanks so much for the tutorial and the wonderfully helpful pictures! I can’t wait to make tons of different variations!

  129. Bethan on Apr 12, 2011 said:

    LOVE it – just made some of these for my sisters in law. I bought a rather ugly, princess-style little girl dress from a charity shop (£1) which had an organza overlay and a silky lining – both of which melted beautifully! One unattractive, cheap-looking dress turned into an alice band and two hair bobbles (with lots of spare fabric left over!).

    Thanks for sharing!

  130. milton flowers on Apr 13, 2011 said:

    This look very beautiful, my mum is going love this for sure. Thanks for sharing the information. Thanks for sharing.

  131. Kirstikoo on Apr 15, 2011 said:

    I would love to feature you on this post here: http://kirstikoo.blogspot.com/2011/04/tons-of-fabulous-flower-tutorials.html
    Let me know if I can have permission to use the top picture and feature you!
    kirstikoo (at) gmail (dot) com

  132. Glenda on Apr 18, 2011 said:

    What a great idea. The burning of he fabric edges is brilliant. I can’t wait to try it. Do you have any more tips about creating fabri flowers?

  133. Shanny on Apr 18, 2011 said:

    That’s so awesome! I LOVE it. I’m going to try it!

  134. Mums ( SusanJeanJuhl) on Apr 18, 2011 said:

    Your tutorial is Wonderful!! Quick ~ Easy ~ and I adore the idea of
    the slits ! This Perfect *Flower* Will ~Remind me of you and your
    Sweetness for sharing it with us !
    God Bless !

  135. Custom Seamstress on Apr 25, 2011 said:

    These flowers are beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial. I’ve already made some and added them to pillows and mirrors for decoration.

  136. Lizzy on Apr 25, 2011 said:

    This is incredible! I was in need of a big black flower for a hat, but the “silk” flowers at the craft store are so ugly and look like death. I made a flower from your tutorial and its fabulous! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  137. Darabil on Apr 26, 2011 said:

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    this is awsome- i love it now i can’t stop making them!!!

  142. Bettty Keim on May 7, 2011 said:

    Great Tutorial. It was like magic to see the petals form from using the tea light. I made a couple to share with my neighborhood sewing group. Thank you.

  143. Rebekah on May 11, 2011 said:

    I love love love this! I used this tutorial when some friends and I got together to make flowers. I added a link to this page on my blog.

  144. Kati P on May 12, 2011 said:

    Really super easy and fun! I have made four different ones so far. I used an old pair of swim trunks and made some dark orange(very vintage looking) I used some metallic wooden beads for the centers. I also am using leftover material from my wedding dress and also some other cranberry colored material from an old dress up gown my daughter and I had. I love how not only is this fun, but that I can use scraps that had no other use. Recycling at its best! I did find I liked the results of my petals if I curled the edges of the circles first before clipping in to create the petals, perhaps it is the material. Thank you so much for sharing!

  145. Devipriyanka vinod on May 12, 2011 said:

    What a lovely idea! Thank you so much for this idea.I have to try this.

  146. Annie on May 22, 2011 said:

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  147. Emily on May 22, 2011 said:

    My flowers came out amazing. Thank you so much!

  148. Roshelle on Jun 6, 2011 said:

    These flowers are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. I was wondering how you would recommend adding stems to these flowers in order to make a bouquet?

  149. Heather on Jun 9, 2011 said:

    Thank you so much for posting this! It was really my first crafty attempt and it came out beautifully on the first try :) I’m sure the girls I nanny are going to be thrilled to make their own!

  150. Darla on Jun 10, 2011 said:

    God has blessed you with such awesome talent! Keep letting your light shine for Him through your beautiful creative work.

  151. Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk on Jun 18, 2011 said:

    *Totally* making these for my preggo friend! :D

  152. becca lynn on Jun 23, 2011 said:

    hey thanks so much for this amazing idea. i have to attend a wedding on the 9th and its outdoors. im making my own spagetti strapped ruffle dress and was in search of a flower to match as a hair clip and having no luck. i followed your idea and it turned out amazing, and by the way..my man loved how it looked! thnx a bunch
    -loyal sew buddy for life

  153. Hannah Eliza on Jun 26, 2011 said:

    I have 7 attendants in my wedding party and to match my head piece I wanted to create individual flowers for them. This was such an easy fun project! To create all 7 took me under an hour! Thank you so much. For some added flair I put feathers in between the layers! Love it! Thanks for the great idea!

  154. Deborah on Jun 28, 2011 said:

    Love your beautiful flowers they look sooooo real. I have many new silk wreaths that I would like to make them look old.
    I was wondering if you know how to take a ready made silk flower and spray it with something to make it look antique.
    Thanks for any info you can give.

  155. Rae M. on Jun 29, 2011 said:

    Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. I have been wanting to make these for so long now!n I think that they will be simply adorable in my little Sophie’s hair! Beautiful blog too!

    Your newest follower,

  156. Gizelle Saldanha on Jul 4, 2011 said:

    Thank you ma’am, I am very impressed by the method you have shown us. I will surely try this at home. God Bless you!

  157. Anna on Jul 7, 2011 said:

    Just got done making three of these- I love them!!! Sooo adorable. You can hot-glue them to necklaces, headbands, bouquets, whatever! I used satin because I live in Oklahoma and lots of stores here don’t carry synthetic silk :( good news though- the satin worked just fine. :) Love these!!!

  158. Pauline on Jul 11, 2011 said:

    I HAVE to try this! The candle part I have to let my mom do. You are so creative!

  159. Fiona on Jul 12, 2011 said:

    Wow, exactly what I wanted to finish off my curtains and I have the silky fabric ready, I can’t wait. Thanks

  160. lia on Jul 13, 2011 said:

    thank you! I need to make this for my sister’s wedding :)

  161. Sarah on Jul 18, 2011 said:

    I made one from the only fabric we had that fit your description (almost neon) orange. For the inner layer’s I switched between tulle and the silk-like fabric. It turned out great! I’m wearing it now :) And the flame helped fade the color a bit so it isn’t as harsh.

  162. Sarah on Jul 20, 2011 said:

    Thank you for this lovely post. I made several pretty flowers to clip on my sweet baby girl’s headbands. It is wonderful to see the love of Christ spill out through your beautiful blog. Thank you.

  163. thesydneygirl on Jul 23, 2011 said:

    absolutely gorgeous! x

  164. Psalmist on Jul 25, 2011 said:

    Just made one, turned out lovely. Only a few fingers were burnt. ;) Thanks for the great idea!

    God bless.

  165. Sierra S. on Jul 26, 2011 said:

    Wow! So i just made these pretty things!(: I used a dark green silk fabric and the corners that got burnt turned to a goldish color, making them look vintage ! <3

  166. Patricia R. Verner on Jul 28, 2011 said:

    “How to Make Fabric Flowers”…how do I print the article and pics without also printing what people say. I need to make something for our 72 yr old friend who is to die soon.

    Thanks much!

    Patsy V

  167. Stephanie R on Jul 28, 2011 said:

    I just made a beautiful purple flower for my 6 month old daughter. I attached it to an elastic and made a headband. It looks beautiful! Thanks for teaching us how to make them :)

  168. Rachel K. on Jul 28, 2011 said:

    I just came across your blog via stumble and I must say, this is absolutely ADORABLE! I have been trying to figure out what to give my sister for her birthday next month, and since she loves cute little hair accessories (and handmade gifts) I am going to go with this. I’m adding your blog to my favorites and I’ll be back!!

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    What a lovely blog and tutorial!..Thanks for sharing!… I featured your fabric tutorial idea in my blog’s inspiration blog. Come check it out here!

  170. Jaz on Aug 3, 2011 said:

    so pretty! I love this! It goes perfectly for the dress I’m planning to wear on a party I’ll be attending next week. thanks!

  171. Kristie on Aug 12, 2011 said:

    I found you today & can’t wait to make flowers!! I am going to practice on making 1 large blossom for bridesmaids in daughters wedding to carry then smaller ones for Bridal Bouquet!!! Maybe even pew wreaths!!! Wish me luck!!!

  172. Julie annen on Aug 13, 2011 said:

    These are lovely! My niece posted it on FB. I cant wait to make some! Thanks for sharing!!

  173. jen kirkbride on Aug 13, 2011 said:

    hi thankyou i have been sitting in front of my scraps just staring cause i cant figure out how to make flowers, ive got ADHD but your way of explaining is very easy. my dog has been helping, he has to put his paw on every peice of material im looking at haha.

  174. Stephanie on Aug 14, 2011 said:

    love this! however, i have a different question. i was wondering if your sister would share how she did her hair. i have long curly hair and i’m always interested in sorta vintage style hair dos. thanks!!! :)

  175. Nikki on Aug 15, 2011 said:

    This is a wonderful and easy flower to make! I made 50 of them for lil ballerinas this past May! Only issue I had was burning my fingers with so many to make!! But they were beautiful!

  176. Cindy on Aug 15, 2011 said:

    As with everyone else, I have to agree that those little flowers are totally gorgeous. And they look really simple to make, although I haven’t tried them yet. I think artificial and silk flowers are totally underrated. I guess its the history of plastic flowers that we just can’t move away from. These paper flowers would be ideal for kids events or even the Christmas tree (to brighten it up!). But I do think silk bouquets and silk flowers are fantastic for everyday use and also for special events like weddings, parties, large indoor floral arrangement. And basically the arrangements involve just the same techniques as with real flowers.

    Keep up the gorgeous flower making Emily, because it’s great to see other forms of flowers.

  177. Chiquita on Aug 19, 2011 said:

    Thank you for sharing this great idea!! I want to make a headband for new niece… She’s only 3 weeks old

  178. Andi on Aug 23, 2011 said:

    I love this idea! I have to make a huge flower for my daughter’s wedding dress, and this is a perfect idea! Thanks for sharing! :)

  179. tanushree on Aug 27, 2011 said:

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  180. Fran on Sep 4, 2011 said:

    Love it! Thank you for generously sharing this. I can now make accessories to match the clothes I make. Am thinking of doing a big one to go on a belt.

  181. karen stephen on Sep 12, 2011 said:

    Hi …was just wodring if it would work with real silk or does it have to be synthetic?

  182. Beth on Sep 12, 2011 said:

    Emily Rose, thanks so much for your tutorial! It’s my first venture into making fabric flowers and this made it so easy! I linked to your tutorial on my blog where I wrote a bit about my flower making experience. It’s at http://bellejourneeusa.blogspot.com/ I can’t wait to try these out on some other projects! Thanks again :-) Beth

  183. Leilani on Sep 12, 2011 said:

    For all those asking about synthetic silk, you can use Poly Shantung. They sell it at Joanns and it’s half the price of real silk. Hope that helps! :)

  184. noirness on Sep 18, 2011 said:

    Wow, these were amazingly easy! It’s amazing how much the material will curl once it cools off. Thanks for the awesome tutorial! Great site!

  185. Alzerina on Sep 19, 2011 said:

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  188. Mandy Pugh on Sep 27, 2011 said:

    So beautiful, I looooooove this! I’m a labor & delivery nurse, and I’ve been making some decoupaged memory boxes for our mothers who suffer a miscarriage. I made some of these to embellish the lids, and it really made them look so much more special.

  189. M.Woodrum on Sep 28, 2011 said:

    I’m getting married in a couple of weeks, my theme is “When Pigs Fly: and I’ve used your wonderful pattern to make flowers for the pigs from a 3 foot tall light up to pig, to a 3 inch crocheted piggy, I used some left over material from my wedding dress, and I also made some flowers for my hair. Everything looks fabulous, thank you so much!

  190. Jill on Sep 28, 2011 said:

    thanks a lot!they are beautiful! after seeing this i have begun to make alot of them! I made them for my nieces in many different colors. thanks a bunch!

  191. Lesley on Oct 1, 2011 said:

    LOVE these! been meaning to have a go for months and finally got round to it today. So easy to do but I did set fire to the fabric a couple of times and burnt my fingers! They came out so well and are really simple and quick to make. You can see my attempts on my blog :)

  192. Rosey on Oct 11, 2011 said:

    Great idea!!!! thank you for sharing .

  193. Aaria on Oct 11, 2011 said:

    Wow it is really easy to make… and looks really pretty! Great Idea . thanks for sharing :)

  194. Shannon on Oct 12, 2011 said:

    I love your site! This is my first time visiting and I was sure to pin this tutorial on Pinterest! I also love your profile…about Christ, so inspiring when I find fellow bloggers that share that love! Please visit my blog when you can :) Blessings!

  195. Lauren on Oct 13, 2011 said:

    This is my first time browsing your site I was wondering if the material to use is best to be satin? or silk?

  196. Nikki on Oct 13, 2011 said:

    Great Idea, your Flower looks so realistic. I just started a flower clip website and I am always searching for new ideas. I never thought to use silky fabric, I just been using ribbon. Thanks for the tips

  197. gopika vb nair on Oct 17, 2011 said:

    Hi! I like your idea of making fabric flowers! :) They look so cool.and please give us some more cute ideas like this

  198. sahithi on Oct 20, 2011 said:

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  201. Melissa on Nov 3, 2011 said:

    I made these tonight and they turned out great! Thanks for the wonderful idea. This will entertain me for hours and make great gifts. Thanks!

  202. sharmistha on Nov 5, 2011 said:

    I know exactly what to do this weekend. What a lovely idea! Thanks.

  203. Kathie on Nov 9, 2011 said:

    Would you be willing to tell me the diameters of the circles you used. Also, you said that this will work with any shiny fabric. Will it work with polyester? Also, will it work with lining fabric.

    One tip I’ve tried, is to put the tea light in a small canning jar, I think they are 8 oz. canning jar. They are about 3 to 3 1/2 inches tall. This distance from the flame keeps you from getting too close to the flame, and then, when you are finished, you just blow out the tea light and save it in the jar for the next time you make fabric flowers.

  204. Kim on Nov 10, 2011 said:

    Just wanted you to know that I love the tutorial and the pictures. I made my first flower last night, because I was so excited to try it. One quick bit of info is that the fabric needs to be polyester and not acetate. I had some polyester satin on hand and it worked great. I picked up some cheap “satin” today that was made of acetate and it just burns! Scary and smelly too!

  205. Borders on Nov 14, 2011 said:

    Thank you for the nice tutorial. These flowers would make great gifts :)

  206. Hannah on Nov 16, 2011 said:

    I love this flower!!!! I’ve mad around 8 now. I’ve found that rounding the edges make a better flower. You can make them in all sizes, and they make great gifts!!

  207. Emily Rose on Nov 17, 2011 said:

    Kathie, I have not experimented with very many fabrics, so I cannot help much there. But the diameters of the circles we have used for flowers are: 3 5/8″, 3 3/8″, 3 1/16″, 2 3/4″, 2 3/8″, and 2″. I hope that is helpful! God bless, Emily Rose

  208. Ramya on Nov 18, 2011 said:

    Gorgeous flowers, very pretty. What a nice technique to make silken flowers!

  209. Halsey on Nov 18, 2011 said:

    I’ve been searching for a tutorial that made the fabric flowers look real and not fake, and this is so easy! I’ll be making sashes and hairpieces for my bridesmaids in my wedding, so this helps a lot and saves me plenty of money! Thank you!!!!

  210. Miranda @ The Bright Side of Reality on Nov 21, 2011 said:

    THANK YOU for sharing this! I LOVE these and I’ve been wanting to make something similar to match my wedding dress next year and this is perfect.

  211. Melanie Webb on Nov 26, 2011 said:

    I am the activities director in an assisted living home. This will be a fun project and they will love wearing them in their hair :) Thank you!!

  212. April on Dec 1, 2011 said:

    I have two little girls who I love to dress up and very little money to work with , these flowers make it posable !!! Thank you so much for sharing

  213. Annie on Dec 1, 2011 said:

    Oh I love this! The finished flower is so pretty and elegant. I can’t wait to try making one. I’ve been searching for some great holiday gift ideas, and this might just be perfect!


  214. Emily Suzanne on Dec 8, 2011 said:

    Miss Emily Rose,

    Thank-you so much for this tutorial! It looks lovely and easy, and I can’t wait to try it! My sister and I have been wanting to start up a shop on Etsy, and these will help a lot, I’m sure. :-D

    In Christ,

    Emily Suzanne

  215. Jana on Dec 9, 2011 said:

    Wow!!! I love it!!!

  216. Casey on Dec 12, 2011 said:

    What type of fabric did you specifically use for these flowers? I read here to not use a acetate satin. Are there different types of silk?

  217. Valerie on Dec 13, 2011 said:

    These are gorgeous! I’m getting married in a year and a half and I’m looking for ideas for flowers for my bridesmaids to carry. I’m making a brooch bouquet for myself but was finding it hard to come up with an idea for my girls. I saw a picture of a bride carrying a giant flower (real) and I absolutely love the look but real flowers are expensive so I was looking for a tutorial on how to make a fabric flower and this is the most beautiful and the easiest one I’ve found! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  218. Lisa @ Snappy Gourmet on Dec 24, 2011 said:


  219. Clotilde M/Craftybegonia on Dec 27, 2011 said:

    Very lovely tutorial! I’m a Christian too and love the fact that you make reference to the dear Christ. God bless!

  220. Michele, Alaska on Dec 30, 2011 said:

    I made my first brooch tonight in 20 minutes and love it. I am making 20 more for gifts. Great idea! Thanks for posting! I used 100% polyester silk-look fabric. My fabric store had it in 17 colors! Try it everyone. So easy and gorgeous results!

  221. Emily on Jan 1, 2012 said:

    They really are pretty. I looked at JoAnnes for the Synthetic silk and could not find any. Where is the best place to buy it for the flowers?

  222. Isabel on Jan 2, 2012 said:

    I noticed that in the tutorial, in the step where you are to melt the edges of the fabric with a flame, it doesn’t mention using any sort of protective respirator mask. I would recommend using one for this step, because melting this type of fabric releases harmful fumes. I know someone who ended up in the ER as a result of doing something similar. Just thought I would mention it. Otherwise, I love the tutorial!

  223. PILAR RUIZ on Jan 3, 2012 said:

    Muy bella la flor y muy gráfico el tutorial.
    Gracias desde Barcelona,Spain.

  224. Cathy Schwegel on Jan 3, 2012 said:

    Cute flowers, I just started carrying silk/cotton blend fabric by Robert Kaufman called Radiance. Have you tried using this fabric?

  225. sonia on Jan 6, 2012 said:

    I didn’t think it would work but it did! I’ve been trying to make silk roses for ages. At last I have it taped and it’s so easy. Thanks a lot.
    Greeting from the tip of Africa.

  226. Paula on Jan 9, 2012 said:

    I make and sell my silk flowers but have never made them with the slits in the fabric, this is definitely something I am interested in trying, thank you for sharing, Paula

  227. Shea Drake on Jan 15, 2012 said:

    I just wanted to thank you for writing this. I was looking for flowers to make last night for a black birdcage veil I’m making for an upcoming photoshoot and fell in love with yours instantly. I tried it immediately with some scraps I had and it turned out great. I cannot wait to make more. Thanks so much!

  228. Darlene Schieltz on Feb 9, 2012 said:

    Thank you for this blog. I would appreciate a response. I want to make large roses for each end of a sheer swag for a large window. Will using sheer material work? I think my flowers would have to be at least 8″ wide. Any help you could give would be so appreciated!! God bless!

  229. ellenfaie on Feb 13, 2012 said:

    Thank you for sharing the tutorial for this craft! I have begun making this type of flower for gifts. Your blog gave me the confidence to try it out. Thank you again!

  230. ellenfaie on Feb 13, 2012 said:

    I forgot to write that I have posted pictures of the flowers I have made so far. The link will take you to pinterest to my “pretty Crafty” board.
    Thank you again!

  231. Tabassum on Feb 14, 2012 said:

    this is great! im gonna try it.

  232. Coleen on Feb 17, 2012 said:

    Love your tutorial, I linked it to my blog… Hope you don’t mind. Coleen

  233. Jan on Feb 18, 2012 said:

    Thank you so much-I am very excited to make some of these! My mom wants to make some too! Gods love to you!

  234. Patricia on Feb 20, 2012 said:

    I just love this!! I tried it and I loved my own too. :) Thank you!!!!

  235. Petra on Feb 29, 2012 said:

    Lovely and very unique! What a great way to create something special and individual. Definitely for every girl, thank you!

  236. Kaushki on Feb 29, 2012 said:

    These are so cute! I think we could pin them on shoes! I think the mochi (someone who makes shoes in india) could make a pair of pale blue formal chappals (indian slippers) and I could make some pale blue flowers and add these on the chappals. I’ll wear them on my sister’s shaadi (wedding)

  237. Reena Kumari on Mar 1, 2012 said:

    We can use synthetic fabric of any type. I used polyester. I made a hair clip

  238. Mrs. Landa on Mar 7, 2012 said:

    I am planning my wedding which is in September and I have been looking for DIY wedding decorations and such. I’m definitely going to make one of these to wear in my hair and maybe my bridesmaids hair. Thank you for this(:

  239. Tânia Jardim on Mar 11, 2012 said:

    Amei seu blog … linda flor. Vou tentar fazer a minha. Parabêns.

  240. Marsha G. Heinzmann on Mar 12, 2012 said:

    LOVELY! Thanks so much for sharing. I have a tip which might prove useful: use tweezers or kitchen tongs to hold the fabric over the flame.

    Marsha *<*

  241. Sandra on Mar 17, 2012 said:

    I LOVE THIS!!!! I hope I have not turned into a pyromaniac! haha.. I had read this tutorial, and since I love millinery, have taken classes, this attracted me like a moth to a flame. I have a huge stash of fabric, but really didn’t want to test all my fibers right off the bat, so I purchased a very neutral brown gray lining, all polyester. I had beautiful results right off the bat! After spending a whole evening playing with this, and only burning myself once, and not bad. I turned to some of my mom’s old scarves that didn’t survive her use, but I couldn’t toss them. I’m going to try singing these and see how it goes! thank you so much for the inspiration and sharing the tutorial!

  242. vidhya panchal on Mar 19, 2012 said:

    i jus loved dis….
    its awesum…..

  243. Emily Riley on Mar 30, 2012 said:

    Hi! I followed your tutorial and made them. They turned out perfectly! I’m using them on my dress for prom and perhaps one in my hair :) Thank you!

  244. Elise on Apr 3, 2012 said:

    This made me say “WOW!” out loud. I have to try this!!! Running into my room now to see if I have any silk fabric and tea lights! :) Thanks for sharing!

  245. Jill on Apr 9, 2012 said:

    Emily, Your website is so beautiful – is this a template design or part of a blog site hosting package? I am wanting to design my own website but would need a template or somewhere to walk me through it. thank you and great job!

  246. Velvet Elevator on Apr 13, 2012 said:

    Thanks for this tutorial, I’m excited to try it.:)

  247. Chris on Apr 14, 2012 said:

    These are gorgeous! I have some left over real silk. Will it work too?

  248. Holly on Apr 16, 2012 said:

    I wish I’d read the comments first… I used acetate, it caught fire, and I was burned! (Not like “hospital” burned. Just “ow” burned,)

    Once I sorted out the “setting things on fire” problem, though, the results are gorgeous.

  249. Cecilia on May 19, 2012 said:

    Gorgeous…I can’t wait to make them….
    Thanks a lot…

  250. Olivia Avedisian on May 26, 2012 said:

    Thank you so much for posting! I made these into hair clips, they are so cute!

  251. Mealle on Jun 10, 2012 said:

    Thanks, this look beautiful, quick and easy. I am looking forward to making some.

  252. Bob smiths on Jul 17, 2012 said:

    this is awesome

  253. Lisa on Jul 23, 2012 said:

    This is amazing! I have been expirimenting with fabric flowers for a while now and this is the best one I have seen. Thank you so much for sharing! God Bless

  254. melanie on Jul 27, 2012 said:

    Awesome! Thanks so much for this post! It looks very easy, and I can’t wait to try it out and make myself some newborn headbands!

  255. Viveeh on Aug 7, 2012 said:

    Hi! I just thought I should thank you for the amazing tutorial. I had been looking for a way to make realistic looking fabric flowers for a costume, and yours looked just right. So, thank you very much for putting the effort to writing this tutorial! I’m going to be making about thirty of them, hope they turn out as well as in the photos!

  256. Sarah on Aug 17, 2012 said:

    These are so cute! Hideous floral silky pajama pants make much better flowers!
    Also, just a tip: when you’re melting the edges of the flowers, try using a clothespin to hold onto the silk layer so you don’t burn yourself.

  257. andrea on Aug 22, 2012 said:

    wow can’t wait to try it. thanks for posting! i’m subscribing to your blog!!

  258. anoma on Sep 30, 2012 said:

    hi ,
    Thanks 4 d flower making tutorial. It’s fantastic…

  259. Zoe on Oct 4, 2012 said:

    what an awesome idea thanks i was thinking of using it on a dress (fairy tale theme) for my a level textile coursework :)

  260. gina penk on Nov 13, 2012 said:

    i’ve done this technique before but never quite get the same effect when i burn the fabric. Can i ask what fabric you used to do this particular flower because i’d like to try and replicate it :) thanks.

  261. Rena on Nov 26, 2012 said:

    What kind of fabric exactly is good for this?

    I used rayon and it caught fire …even holding it higher, away from the flame.

    Polyester worked better, but still did not get as good of results as this tutorial shows.

    Please and Thanks for the help :)

  262. Maxine Latter on Nov 28, 2012 said:

    Hi, Just wanted to let you know used your tutorial to make these fabric flowers for my daughters wedding last weekend, sewed one on to elasticised lace for toddler flowergirl headband, one on flowergirls waistband and one on bobbypin for brides hair. Used leftover material from bridesmaid dresses, they turned out amazing. Will send images if you like, they featured beautifully in the photos. Thankyou so much for the tutorial, I think it’s the first craft project I have finished (started lots). I’m a little addicted and will be making many more
    Warm Regards
    Maxine Latter

  263. Deb on Dec 9, 2012 said:

    I am trying to use silk, because my local fabric store does not carry synthetic silk. I keep burning it and making a not so pleasant odor fill my house. Help please??

  264. Dalliann on Mar 4, 2013 said:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I love fabric flower hair-clips but they’re so expensive to buy ready-made; but your technique solves the expense dilemma. I made almost two dozen of these yesterday for nine dollars and I love them! They’re in the exact colors of my wardrobe and I actually like them better than any store-brand pieces I’ve seen.

    SO sharing this! Thanks again! :)

  265. Sharon on Mar 4, 2013 said:

    The flowers are standout! I saw someone at wedding and she promised to send me this web link. This flower brought me a new friend.

  266. Gem Swallow on Mar 13, 2013 said:

    Thank you so much for this. I have been looking at making some. I will definately try this.

    Thanks so much.

  267. Dagmar on Mar 16, 2013 said:

    I loved your tutorial so much that I had to try it right away. I tried different fabrics including satin and silk polyester and all my flowers turned out flat. They were all synthetic fabrics. Any suggestions?
    Thanks again for a great tutorial!

  268. Luvablois on Apr 29, 2013 said:

    I just made my first one (of many, I’m sure) of these out of 100% polyester lining fabric. It’s a little floppy becuase its REALLY thin fabric, but I am really happy with the way it came out. I did make a small roll of fabric and singed both ends, then folded in half, glued in the center of the fold and then glued to the center of the flower instead of using beads to make it look a little more “real”. Thank You Very Much, Emily Rose, for posting this. I hate spending $10-15 for something I can make myself for $1 or $2, so this was especially welcome, because the instructions were so well written It was pretty much a no-brainier on making the flower. YaY you!!!!

  269. carolina on May 1, 2013 said:

    Me encanta lo que has hecho, ya estoy probando enseguida, espero mas cosas nuevas. Un saludo

  270. Toni Ahlberg on May 9, 2013 said:

    I was using a new iron while altering my niece’s black satin bridesmaid’s dress last night, and the unthinkable happened — I scorched a 2″ circle on the FRONT of the floor-length skirt, about six inches from the floor. After picking myself up off the floor, I had to come up with some kind of remedy. After searching the web for ideas on how to make fabric flowers, I came across your blog. I used the material that I had cut off the bottom of the dress to make several flowers and clustered three of them together to place over the hole. I then put several at the waistline and on the bodice to tie it all in. This just happened last night and she doesn’t know it yet, but I think it’s very pretty! We’ll see whether she wears it like it or if I’ll be turning it into a tea or knee-length dress before the wedding! Thanks for helping me divert a catatrophe.

  271. Kim Yu on May 25, 2013 said:

    Thank you for sharing! Its a beautiful tutorial and the templates helped a lot!

    When I tried to make my own though, the cloth didn’t crinkle that much, and I was afraid if I let it heat up any longer, it would get too burned.

    Any suggestions?

  272. Kirsi on May 27, 2013 said:

    Hi. Thank You for this lovely tutorial. I made a flower to my little girl´s hat. http://vaahtokarkkimonsteri.blogspot.fi/2013/05/chic-little-hat.html
    People in the FB sewing group here in Finland were exited when I tipped them about this tutorial.

  273. Cristi W. on Jul 13, 2013 said:

    I stumbled upon this tutorial as I was looking for an idea to make home made hair flowers for my girls. It was super easy and there is no way to mess them up (unless you really burn them :). Even my 5 year old could make them. We enjoyed making them as gifts and for ourselves and then it began to evolve into something that went beyond us and began reaching the world. My little girl and I had been wanting to support a special Christ-centered nutrition center called Tessa Grace in South Africa. We decided we could make the hair flowers and “sell”them (for a donation) in order to be able to send some money to this organization. (100% of all that comes in from flowers goes to Tessa Grace). This morphed into what we are now calling “flowers for food”. We can’t hardly keep up with the orders and we feel so blessed to be able to do this. Not only are we doing a fun activity together (the whole family is now involved!) and building our relationship, but we are also doing it as an act of worship and service to our Lord. Thank you for your lovely blog site, your fun ideas for home, and your encouraging words.

  274. larissa :33 on Jul 23, 2013 said:

    amei …são bem simples e parecem ser muito divertidos de se fazer…com certeza vão valer a pena tentar…
    ♥ obrigada pelas dicas ♥

  275. Glory K. on Oct 23, 2013 said:

    Thank you so much! Can’t wait to try this! Can you wash this? I thought it would be neat to sew on dresses.
    Thanks again!
    Glory K.

  276. ellie on Oct 29, 2013 said:

    love this!

  277. Sun on Nov 27, 2013 said:

    Thank you for the idea….

  278. ANNE on Jan 9, 2014 said:

    Thanks i like ur creativity. lovely

  279. JillyG on Jan 11, 2015 said:

    I have been making these flowers for a few years now and I love them.
    Your tutorial is so clear and easy to understand and I hope a lot of people try this technique. It is very easy AND quick! Thank you. Now I can recommend your tutorial to my friends.

  280. Anonymous on Feb 7, 2015 said:

    Great tutorial and your hairpiece looks lovely! Thank you for the pattern; every little bit helps!

  281. sangee on Jul 24, 2015 said:

    Hi, this flowers are looking very beautiful & esay to make. it is very useful for my sewing project. thank you. i like your creativity.

  282. Sammi on Aug 31, 2015 said:

    absolutely beautiful and oh so easy! Thank you!

  283. Pamila on Nov 19, 2015 said:

    This is so beautiful & so easy! Thank you for this creative idea.

    Pamila J

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